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Work from Home Set Up When You Have A Newborn

You have just brought a baby into the world. It is a joyful thing to have this new life in your home. There is now a tremendously important duty added to your days and night: nurturing this baby and keeping it happy and healthy.

Work from Home Set Up When You Have A Newborn
Work from Home Set Up When You Have A Newborn

But unfortunately, a newborn cannot pay any bills. You need to work … and while you may be able to work from home, it requires an extra amount of setting up so that you can do your job and also tend to your newborn.

After you’ve finished your workday, you will probably want to relax by using CBDClinicals. You still need to get there, though. Here are some ways to set up.

See If Your Spouse/Partner Can Help

This work-from-home set-up can go a lot smoother if you have someone that you can get to dedicate a certain block of time each day. If your spouse has a job where their shift starts earlier or later in the day, see if you can carve out a block of time to sit and work while they do parenting duties. Then, when they leave, you can go focus on your baby without any nagging thoughts about your job.

If it turns out that you are not married or do not have a significant other, see if your parents or any other relatives can chip in. If that is not possible, try to work in 25 minute chunks, even if you have to have your baby securely in your lap or in a harness while you type.

Look Into Child Care

This may be a tough one. You want to be there for your baby, but you may have a job that requires consistent focus. That may mean your having to consider paying someone to watch your child if you can’t have a spouse or family member do it. Aim to have them come to your place for a few hours each day.

If you do have them come to your place, then you can still be present if there is an emergency with your baby. But you can be in another room while the nanny/babysitter gives the baby attention while you work. This way, you have your crucial block of time to yourself.

See If You Can Adjust Your Schedule

You may have this option if you work from home as a freelancer. The hours tend to be looser so that you can work when you have the time. But if you have set hours, see if you can shift them to a time when you have support.

If you have the looser schedule, you are in good shape to be able to lean more into parenting when need be. Your newborn doesn’t understand deadlines, anyway. They just want to eat, be held, or have their diaper changed when it is their time.

Look Into Dictation

There may be a lot of times that you have your hands full with your newborn. Literally. So if you find yourself having to cradle your baby a lot, you could get two things accomplished with your voice – your work and maybe even getting your baby to fall asleep.

You can do your work while walking around the room. Just talk the same way you would write. Then you can do edits a bit later when your baby has fallen asleep – hopefully, due to the soothing cadence of your voice. Technology has made this much easier.

Use Multiple Devices

This could be seen as an extension of the previous tip. There are multiple programs that allow you to start working on one device – like a laptop or tablet – and then carry over to something else …. like a phone.

So if you are typing on your laptop and your baby demands attention, you can wrap them in a carrier and walk around while talking on your phone. This way, you can get everything done.

These are just some of the ways to work from home with a newborn. It can be rough at first, but once you get into the swing of things, it should be fine.


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