What to do if you receive fake Currency | Complete Solution

Know what to do if you receive a fake note from an ATM and how to take precautions against counterfeit currency. Here you can learn how to recognize fake notes, understand the legal implications, and take steps to protect yourself and your finances against such frauds. Follow our guide on reporting fake currency, filing a complaint, and safeguarding your transactions.

What to do if you receive fake Currency
What to do if you receive fake Currency

What to do if you receive fake currency?

If you receive a fake note from an ATM, here is a complete solution what you should do:

  • Never try to pass fake note to someone else. It is a crime to knowingly pass on fake currency.
  • Inform the bank immediately. Contact the customer care helpline or visit the nearest branch and inform them about the fake note from ATM. Provide them with the details of the ATM, transaction, receipt and the fake note.
  • Preserve the fake note carefully. It is required as evidence later.

As a precaution, next time you can take the following steps to avoid receiving fake notes from an ATM:

  • Check the note carefully before accepting it. Look for the identification marks on notes and verify the denomination, serial number, and year of printing.
  • Use ATMs that are located inside banks or in secure areas.
  • Be cautious of anyone strangers who offers to help you with the ATM.

Remember, being careful and alert can go a long way in protecting yourself from fake currency.

How to identify Indian currency is real or fake:

There are many ways to identify whether Indian currency notes is real or fake, which is mentioned below.

  • Look for security features such as security threads, watermarks, and see-through register.
  • Check for the color of the note, quality of printing, and texture of the paper.
  • Verify the serial number, denomination, and year of printing.
  • Compare the note with genuine one of the same denomination.
  • Use a magnifying glass or mobile camera to examine the fine details of the note.
  • Try the UV light test to detect hidden security features.

Finally, if you are still in doubt, then take the note to a bank or an authorized currency exchange office for verification.

Always Remember that it is very important to be vigilant and take steps to ensure that you do not fall victim to counterfeit currency.

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