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Redmi Note 10 Pro Max App Problem Solution | Complete Solutions

Redmi Note 10 Pro Max Heating Problem Hello readers! Do you have a Redmi Note 10 Pro phone that won’t turn on aor heating abnormally? Don’t worry, we have a simple and safe way to bring it back to life. You won’t lose any of your precious photos, messages or apps. Just follow our easy instructions and you’ll be good to go. Keep reading to learn more.

Redmi Note 10 Pro Max
Redmi Note 10 Pro Max

So many Redmi Note 10 Pro Costumers who love MIUI and open source customization, are now worried about their lovely Redmi Note series are now facing motherboard issues. If you are one of them than don’t worry, we will tell you step by step to resolve your problem.

Redmi Note 10 Pro Max Heating Problem Solutions:

Please follow the below-mentioned steps and check once.

  • Stop unnecessary background applications. Settings > Apps > Manage apps > Choose the unnecessary app (there will be a green/blue broken line circle or it will have ‘Running’ for an app running in the background) > Tap on Force Stop.
  • Stop the apps that you are not using. Go to Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Select the desired app (there will be a blue or green dotted circle next to the app) > Tap on Force Stop
  • Uninstall the apps that are stagnant or the apps that you don’t use anymore. Go to Settings > Apps > Manage Apps >Select the desired app and tap on uninstall.
  • Open Security App and tap on Cleaner. Select the things that are not required and tap on Clean up. You will have options to clear all the cache files, obsolete files, packages, residuals, and other memory files.
  • We request you to factory reset your phone to resolve this issue. Before that please do not forget to take a full backup of the device to an external storage device.

Also we suggest you to please avoid unnecessary updation. Recently so many customers are complaining that after the updating latest version of MIUI. And if you’re are still facing problem then please contact your brand customer care Helpline Number 1800 572 7626.

For any correction or change please feel free to contact at [email protected]



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