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Raghava Lawrence Dead or Alive | Latest News

In today’s post, we aim to address the viral news regarding Raghava Lawrence’s alleged demise. Recently, a message on WhatsApp is circulated, falsely claiming his passing. Now many questions have arisen about Raghava Lawrence’s status—Is he dead or alive? Is the forwarded message about Raghava Lawrence’s death authentic or fabricated? This article seeks to provide clarity and answers to these queries.

Raghava Lawrence is an famous Indian dance choreographer, director and actor known for his works primarily in Tamil cinema. After making debut as a dance choreographer in 1993, he began looking for acting opportunities. He began his career as an actor in 1998, in a Telugu film and then adopted the name “Raghava” in 2001, and worked for many prominent actors and directors in Tamil cinema throughout his career.

Our sources indicate that rumors of Raghava Lawrence’s passing began forwarding on WhatsApp, and some other media outlets forwarded this news without confirming its authenticity.

Following thorough research, we can confirm that Raghava Lawrence is safe and alive. The rumors circulating on social media regarding his demise are entirely false.

Raghava Lawrence is safe and alive. The rumors circulating on social media about his death are baseless and untrue.

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