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Opium Bird Real or Fake | Video Check

Video Check – In today’s post, we are going to check a viral news. Recently we got a message on whatsapp containing a video, in which a big bird like creature is shown whose name in video is Opium Bird. So here, know the reality of the video that goes viral.

Please read this complete article in order to get answers of all your questions about the Opium Bird.

In last of 2023, a video of a giant bird like creature has gone viral. In the viral video a bird is shown like it was smoking a pipe. The Video got viral in a very short time and people start calling the giant bird as “Opium Bird”.

After watching the video many people believed that it was a real animal.

What is we looked and deeply examined the viral video of Opium Bird, we found that the video is created using Artificial Intelligence.

However, people easily fall in a trap and believes that the viral video is real.

So as per our research, there has been no scientific evidence of the existence of opium birds, and the image of Opium Bird is fake.

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