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Internet Speed Issues and How to Fix Them

Everyone in this busy world wants to have the best of all. Whether it be a product or service, people want to have something that offers value for the money. The same applies to internet users who are looking forward to different activities like streaming, gaming, downloading, and browsing.

Internet Speed Issues How to Fix Them
Internet Speed Issues How to Fix Them

Our lives are dependent on the internet, such as scheduling, video calling, making websites, offering freelance services, and watching videos. However, the worst part comes when someone has to face a slow internet connection while doing these activities. For instance, if you are watching a new video released on Netflix and suddenly the buffering icon appears on the screen, you will probably bang your screen against the wall, especially if it happens frequently.

The solution to resolve it is by having a reliable internet connection offered by Spectrum. With greater coverage all through the United States, the service provider facilitates customers with 24/7 support. And if you are a Spanish speaker, you don’t have to ask someone to talk to the representative because servicio al cliente spectrumis dedicated to serving Hispanic people.

If you are not using Spectrum or facing an issue with it, you should not call customer support instantly. Instead, you should try these hacks to fix slow-speed internet. How to fix internet speed issues will be explained in this post. There is no technical or prior knowledge needed to fix speed issues. Let’s have a look at it.

Reposition Your Router

The first and foremost trick to resolving the internet speed issue is to change the position of your router. You might have placed your router on a shelf or enclosed space because your little toddler tends to touch the equipment. But that is not the solution to it. You need to place your router in an alleviated space so that your toddler can’t reach it.

Make sure when you reposition your router, don’t place any metallic device or any radio-emitting device such as a radio or microwave. Place your router in the center of your home and change the position of external antennas on your router.

Upgrade Your Plan

It is the most exciting part when you are subscribing to a new internet connection. The promotional offer or a discount is being given by a service provider, which attracts you to it. However, without thinking much, you paid for the service and subscribed to it.

But one thing you should have done before subscribing is to analyze what is your daily internet usage and how many people are using it. If everyone in your home is a heavy gamer or streamer, you need to pick a plan of at least 100Mbps.

Check Your Data Limits

Most of the service providers offer limited data caps. It means that you cannot use the internet after the limit is reached. Some internet service providers throttle the speed and require you to buy extra data caps. If you are facing any speed issues, make sure that you have not exceeded your data limits. Before you subscribe to any service provider, check how much amount of data limit is being given and what will be your monthly requirements.

Buy a WiFi Extender

People who are living in a big house might face signal issues throughout the home. It is normal and even if you have repositioned your router, you might not be able to see much difference. It is important to buy a WiFi extender and plug it in. You can find plenty of extenders available on Amazon. You can check the product specifications and coverage area to know whether it will fulfill your requirements or not.

Check Your Cables and Connections

The speed issues also occur when you have a loose connection or your wires are cracked. This is the biggest culprit when you face slow-speed internet. Make sure that you replace your cables with new ones. Moreover, don’t forget to tighten the connections so that the internet can get back to normal speed.

Call Customer Support

If you are facing speed issues even after trying the aforementioned steps, you need to call customer support. Tell them your problem and ask them to fix it as early as possible. Make sure to talk in a friendly and polite way. Also, ask if the problem is on their side or your side.

Switch Your Provider

After calling customer support, even if the problem is not resolved, you need to consider switching your provider. If you are trapped in a long-term contract you can find a service provider like Spectrum that offer a buyout contract to break the shackles and never let you pay a hefty early termination fee.

Summing Up

The aforementioned tips are helpful in most cases and don’t require much effort. Follow these tips as these tips are devised for everyone whether they are



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