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What does open-source mean?

Open source is a term related to software development. All the programs that we use today are made by using codes. These codes are the property of the people who create them. No one else is legally permitted to use that code in their software, copy that code or edit that.

What does Open Source mean
What does Open Source mean

But some programmers work differently. They build programs and then share the source codes of that program with the general public as well. These source codes are called open source. So any program’s source code that is available to the public is an open source program and the source code is also open source.

Why are there open source codes?

Programmers have not made these source codes available for no small reason at all. There are very strong reasons why these open source codes exist.


Keeping the programs open source helps programmers control how their software performs in a better way. It also benefits users because the code is open source and the user can get it changed according to his needs by hiring other programmers.


Open source codes help new programmers learn about how this great software has been built from the inside. They can see the codes completely, which will eventually help them become a better programmer.


This is one of the greatest benefits of programs being open source. By being an open source the program comes in the view of other programs that may find some loopholes in the same and correct them, making the program more secure for the whole community.


These open source programs end up creating a community. The reason behind this is that these are the people who have created, modified, and repaired these programs. This program helps them connect with each other better.

Can someone sell a modified version of the open source program?

Yes, if you know how to code. You can add features to a certain program and sell it, but you may also have to publicly share its source code.

Popular open source software

You may not know but there are various famous things that are really open source.

  • WordPress (one of the most popular content management systems, most blogs run with the help of this)
  • VLC Media Player (A media player)
  • Linux (Data centers use this and it is also the source of Android)
  • Android (The most popular smartphone operating system)
  • Mozilla Firefox (a very popular browser)

Future of open source

The future of open source programs and programmers is very bright. This has been beneficial to the whole society. It has also provided the general public with very great products. All new programmers are embracing it.

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