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How social media promotes real estate? 

If you’ve never made the connection between social media and real estate before, there are tons of real estate professionals, and consultants who could enlighten you about the value social media brings to their industry. It is known, for instance, that 99% of all millennials begin their home search by looking online for suitable residences.

How social media promotes real estate
How social media promotes real estate

It’s also true that 77% of all realtors are actively involved with social media for their business in some way and that at least half of all real estate businesses obtain the highest quality leads through social media. What all this boils down to is that social media is quickly becoming a necessity for real estate businesses. If you want to talk with your local broker, visit this page.

This is a highly competitive field to be in these days, and professionals are obliged to seek out anything that will give them an advantage over rivals. If you have a definite strategy for using social media, that’s much better than winging it, and you’ll likely get much more out of it. When you have a plan and use it with a specific strategy in mind, good things happen. Here are some of the ways that real estate can be enhanced by making significant use of social media.

What kinds of real estate content should be used on social media?

There are many different kinds of social media posts you can create, but the ones which are most adaptable to the real estate business are fairly specific. Realtors are not obliged to be shy about exactly what they’re selling, and instead, it’s much more important to have a diverse calendar of content that you can post in order to keep readers interested and coming back.

  • Photos – for instance, high-resolution photos are always well-received on social media, just like most other types of images are. Real estate is a particularly visual industry, and seeing that first photo of a new home can make a great impression on the minds of many interested potential home buyers. When you post really impressive property photos, you’ll likely get a good number of likes and shares, and you’ll probably also have a number of followers reach out to you with questions about the photos.
  • Client Testimonials – another useful type of content you can post are client testimonials and success stories about people who have achieved their goals with real estate. The more success stories and client testimonials you can provide to potential home buyers, the more likely they’ll be to choose you as their agent and the more confidence they’ll have in you. There are already all kinds of success stories on social media, with a happy ending for clients who recently closed on their dream house, and this continues to be the kind of contest that gets results.
  • Company Milestones – another type of content you should consider posting on social media are any kind of company milestones, accolades, or awards that your real estate business has achieved over the years. This always impresses followers and gives them another reason to choose you as their agent. It is also a subtle reminder that you are very proficient at your job and that the client would be well-advised to avail themselves of your services whenever possible. Don’t be bashful about talking up your business’s accomplishments because these are exactly the kind of things that can get you all kinds of new clients.
  • Industry News – this type of content is popular because something is always happening in the wonderful world of Real Estate. By posting this kind of content, you’ll demonstrate to your followers that you are actively involved in the industry and that you’re not just along for the ride and coasting.
  • New Properties – of course, you’ll also want to post any new properties or new listings that you have available because these will be your bread-and-butter in terms of getting a commission and some kind of profit from your labor. When you do post new listings, be sure to include contact information so that potential clients can reach you, and it’s always best to include professional-quality photos that really show off a property to the best advantage.

Getting more leads and clients from social media

If your whole objective is to get more leads and clients from social media, there are some things you can do to promote this. First of all, your contact information needs to be very easy to see and locate, so it’s easy for a follower to pick up the phone and reach out to you. Next, make sure that your website and any kind of profiles on social media are complete and up-to-date, displaying accurate information on your email address, phone number, location, and website.

For some social media platforms, you should use whatever messaging is possible because that will allow you to connect with more potential leads quickly. For instance, Facebook Messenger is a good way to establish connections with potential clients. When you do get queries or communications from potential clients, take the time to answer them. That will let them know you’re actively involved, and it will get the ball rolling on further involvement with those followers. All it takes is a little commitment to your social media accounts, and you’ll have all the leads and new clients that your real estate business can handle.



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