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The Best Interior Design Programs

Do you want to rearrange and put a twist on a worn-out interior? Or do you need to solve more serious issues related to calculating estimates or creating a finished design project from scratch? These interior design programs will help.

Best Interior Design Programs
Best Interior Design Programs

Planner 5D

This program has a free version that includes more than 5000 interior elements suitable for apartment design and landscape design. After a short registration, you will be able to synchronize your projects and access them from any device, as well as – the possibility to take design courses and participate in design contests. Planner 5D opens up great possibilities for creating 3D repair and construction projects, educational or commercial design, allowing you to plan your dream home in all its stages. A small test at the beginning will help the app determine what works best for your needs and the type of property you are designing. From there, create a room, apartment, or whole house according to your dimensions, arrange your furniture, and visualize your desired layout.

You can switch to 2D or 3D views, adjust the units of measurement, check the display of target lines, walls, objects, and wallpaper. As an apartment planning app, Planner 5D allows you to change the viewing angle, select the angle of the project demonstration, and Google Glass owners can even view the finished apartment layout with Google Cardboard.

The bigger the screen of the device, the easier it is to choose among the already placed objects, and at some point it will be more convenient to use a stylus to edit the object point by point, so it’s better to install the app on a tablet. However, a smartphone will do just as well.


This is a pocket inspiration, a storehouse of ideas and a huge thematic photobank, which will help to find a ready-made interior solution for those who want something, but don’t know what exactly.

The interface here is as simple as a design of http://slot-hyper-strike.com: filter the visualizations by style, approximate budget, room size and color, peek and combine interior designs to realize them afterwards on your own or with one of the project experts. Houzz also acts as a platform to help professionals promote their services. Millions of photos, thousands of articles, and hundreds of experts in various fields are ready to help you realize your flight of fancy.

Dulux Visualizer

When we are planning a renovation, we often wonder how the new wall color will match with the interior elements, how will the room look after the painting or with other doors. Dulux Visualizer replaces endless color fans, and is the first choice for your new wall and ceiling color. Visualize the colors on your walls with your phone camera and augmented reality, determine the compatibility of shades with furniture, and get immediate information about the order number and matching shades from the paint manufacturer Dulux. And you can use your phone camera to identify the color of any object around you, so that even asking “I want walls in the color of upholstered chairs” won’t be a problem.

Room Planner

The interface of this app makes it particularly convenient to check the size of the room and the actual furniture you want to put in it. Short tutorial videos will help even those who have never had to deal with the layout of the apartment.

Switch between 2D and 3D, draw the walls, add objects from the thematic catalog, publish your designs and “walk around” other people’s projects in the virtual tour mode. If any of the catalog items interest you, the app will prompt you for the manufacturer’s brand and online stores where you can buy the items.

The free version is available by default, you can buy the full version on the site: its owners can use additional functions, such as choosing your own colors and textures, estimate calculation, photo of the future interior in HD or choice of ready design-project of the available stock. All of this is a nice, but not necessary bonus, and if your goal – a program for planning a room with basic functions, without the beauties, try Room Planner for free.

The Sims

Many of those who “got hooked” on The Sims as kids didn’t do it for the game itself, but only for the house editor. Now, when you can compare it with other apps, it’s obvious that the editor in The Sims contains all the basic tools of the house planner. Here you can not verify to the exact centimeter or download the finished interior design, but to zoning rooms, arrange furniture, try on the convenience of the location of lights, electrical outlets and appliances, The Sims is good enough.



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