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How to transfer PDF to iPad from Windows

If you want to make your PDF files easily accessible and readable on your handy smart devices, try the five methods to transfer PDF from PC to iPad for managing & reading documents with portability & Widescreen.

When multiple portable gadgets and devices make most of your laborious job, like carrying heavy books, documents, etc., easy, using iPad for these purposes is the smartest option. Even though you have stored most of your documents, books, etc., on your computer as a PDF file, to transfer PDF from PC to iPad, you can make your files accessible anytime, anywhere you want.

Since PDF is a universal format compatible with all devices and platforms, you can also take the backup of your important documents to your iPad. The wider screen of your iPad would make your reading comfortable and relaxing without being dependent on your laptop. So, let’s see the best 5 ways to transfer PDF from PC to iPad.

5 Methods to transfer PDF from PC to iPad

Since you have overloaded your PC with files and documents, you must sit in front of your computer every time you need to access them. However, it is usually inconvenient, time-consuming, tiring, and boring to read your important documents through your PC screen.

You can’t even access them in any emergency or free time situation if you don’t carry your laptop. And if it is stored on your desktop, you can’t even think of accessing them unless you get back to your system. So, it’s time to take it easy with the multiple & flexible methods of transferring PDF files to your handy iPad from your Windows PC.

Method 1: How to transfer to PDF from PC to iPad via WALTR PRO

Suppose you want a one-stop solution to transfer and convert any file from your PC to your iPad or any other iOS device. In that case, WALTR PRO is the ultimate destination with effortless execution.

The best part of this software is that here all you have to do is drag and drop your file into this tool, and the rest will be done automatically by this magic tool. So let’s highlight this software so you can get everything from this tool.


  • This is a dedicated software to transfer any audio, video, or PDF file to iOS devices without iTunes.
  • It is compatible with Mac and Windows platforms.
  • Simple drag & drop option to transfer PDF from PC to iPad.
  • You can convert any file to any iOS-compatible format like Mp4, MKV, AVI, etc.
  • It is a 3-in-one tool to convert files to Mac, transfer files to iPad/iPhone & add files to Apple Music.
  • You can save the file in a local, internal, or external file.
  • The metadata & cover art editing option is there.
  • There are no “Setting” complications to get the best quality output.

Steps to transfer PDF from PC to iPad

Step 1: Install the WALTR PRO software on your Windows system to start the PDF file transfer.

Step 2: Connect your iPad to your system through a USB cable or Wi-Fi.

Step 3: While using the drag & drop option, insert the file in the WALTRE PRO application.

Step 4: Once the transferring process gets over, you will get a notification, and you will get all the transferred PDF files on the iBooks app on your iPad.

Method 2: How to transfer PDF from PC to iPad via iCloud

Cloud-based file sharing service has become the handiest and trendy one for wireless data transferring between multiple platforms and devices. So, if your PDF file size is under 50GB, using iCloud Drive, you can easily transfer any PDF file to your iPad from your PC.

While using this method, ensure sufficient storage space in your iCloud Drive, and you must have a stable internet connection.

Step 1: On your Windows PC, visit using any browser through Apple’s official website.

Step 2: Sign in to the application using your official credentials and use the drag & drop method to insert your selected PDF file into the iCloud app.

Step 3: Wait for a while to complete the syncing process, and then open the iCloud app on your iPad to download the synced PDF file on your iPad.

Step 4: You can find your transferred PDF file in the “Files app” on your iPad.

Method 3: How to transfer PDF from PC to iPad via Google Drive

Google Drive is another cloud service to share and store your files and folder without occupying the physical storage space of your device. So, if you want to access any PDF file stored on your PC through your iPad without using its storage space, with the 15GB free storage space of Google Drive, you can easily transfer PDF from PC to iPad. In addition, it supports all the major file formats, including PDF, audio, video, image, text, etc.

Step 1: Open the Google Drive application on your Windows PC or laptop. Select the “New” option to upload the existing PDF file or any other folder to the application from your PC or laptop.

Step 2: Next, open your iPad & head to the Apple store to download the Google Drive app and log into the app using your credentials.

Step 3: Download the synchronized file from your Google Drive account on your iPad and save it for further access.

Method 4: How to transfer PDF from PC to iPad via Windows File Explorer

File Explorer is one of the most convenient built-in features of Windows PC to transfer any file or folder from PC to other devices. Since it supports all file formats, using a USB cord to connect your iPad to your PC, you can easily transfer PDF from PC to iPad.

Step 1: Connect your PC and iPad through a USB cable, and verify your computer as an authentic device on your iPad.

Step 2: Open your iPad removal device on your computer and copy the PDF file you want to transfer from your computer drive/folder to the iPad.

Step 3: Next, open your iPad to check the transferred file. Once you see the file, disconnect your iPad from your computer.

Method 5: How to transfer PDF from PC to iPad via Email

Since Email is the most commonly used option to save or share any document, file, folder, image, etc., you can easily try this platform to transfer PDF files from PC to iPad without using your device storage. While using this method, make sure that you use the appropriate file size according to the Email’s file size.

Step 1: Visit your Gmail or Yahoo mail using your web browser. Next, go for the “composed mail” option to start new mail.

Step 2: Now, add your selected PDF file to the mail as an attachment and give your email ID to send the mail to yourself.

Step 3: Next, while opening the email on your iPad, you must head to the “inbox” option. Here, you will get your new email with the attached file.

Step 4: You have to download the file on your iPad to access it through iPad.

Last Word

If you want to make your PDF files easily accessible through your iPad to enjoy them while lying on your bed, traveling, or walking, you can try any of these methods as required. However, if you want to avoid the file size limitations or the Cloud service’s storage space limitation, you just try WALTER PRO’s hassle-free file transferring process.

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