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Doraemon Found in Sea Real or Fake | News Check

News Check – In today’s post, we are going to check a viral news. Recently we got a message on whatsapp about Doraemon’s discovery in sea. So here, know the truth of the image that goes viral.

Please read this complete article in order to get answers of all your questions about the Doraemon’s Discovery in Sea.

Who is Doraemon?

Doraemon is an anime series created by Fujiko F. Fujio in 1969 and later adapted into the long-running anime series. In the Anime, Doraemon is a robotic cat from the future, who travels back in time to help a boy named Nobita.

Doraemon Discovery in Sea Real or Fake:

In 2023, a team of deep-sea researchers in a diving trip to Enoura found a humanoid robotic figure with similarities to Doraemon.

In a Doraemon movie named “Nobita and The Labyrinth Tour” in 1993, there was an Doraemon that was also discarded in the sea, and the situation of the two were extremely similar, which made people interested in this matter.

When we examined the viral news of Doraemon Discovery on Sea, we found that the diver really found the Artificial figure of Doraemon, which maybe discarded on the seabed, in order to commemorate the story of the movie version of the animation.

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