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AI is on the rise but here are 4 cases proving the importance of the human touch

The reaction has been mixed as AI is growing and becoming more prevalent in today’s world. Some people see all of the advantages of artificial intelligence, while others wonder if they will be replaced in the workspace. While nearly every field has seen some influence from Artificial intelligence, some fields still need the human touch.

These fields won’t be replacing their workers with robots anytime soon, and the reasons why humans are still needed can be seen as lessons for other fields rushing to implement the latest technology.

Live Casinos

While online casinos have their merits and advantages, for some players fully digital experience is not enough to have a complete entertainment joy. It is not a secret that in physical casinos the atmosphere is electric. Some people may not even gamble there but accompany their friends to just feel the vibe: This is something that is a part of brick-and-mortar casinos. However, digital platforms are smart to integrate some live experiences and attract those who still enjoy the human touch.

The exclusive combination of human interaction and digital gaming variants created an experience known as live casino gameplay, which allows users to still feel the human touch but in the meantime, stay in the comfort of their homes. A quick look at the current gambling platforms will show how they use live dealer games as an advantageous offer to advertise their games.

Although casino sites are very progressive in terms of digitization, they pay a lot of attention to human dealers as a part of the online gambling experience, and so do the players. They also take advantage of the availability of these games 24 hours a day, which is an unusual thing for physical casinos, indeed.

Human Resources

The human resources department is one of the most important places in any business. This place needs humans for one reason, empathy. The ability to truly listen and respond is something that only a human can do. It doesn’t matter if a new hire needs to be added to the team, or coworkers are feuding, a human is able to solve those problems better than AI.

Because issues with human resources aren’t as simple as proving one person right while another person is proven wrong. They can’t be boiled down to simple acts of data, and there are often layers and stories that humans can sift through to find an answer that AI services can’t.

This also applies to any area where feedback is given because AI isn’t very empathetic. If someone has taken the time out of their day to provide you with feedback about something, the least you could do is communicate back to them with empathy and understanding. AI is still artificial and won’t be able to provide that genuine conversation that people want.

Customer Support

AI has been around in customer support for quite a long time, and chatbots are nothing new. However, it is a mistake to trust all customer support roles to AI. Because while they are very good at giving standardized responses and walking the customer through basic issues, they can’t handle specific issues.

Anyone who has worked in customer support knows the massive number of variables and scenarios that can come up in even a basic problem. There are so many differences between two customers asking about the same problem, and AI just isn’t developed enough to handle escalations in customer support. Humans are going to be needed to give customers the support they deserve.

Data Interpretation

While you might find that AI is much faster at gathering relevant data and parsing through that feedback, you still need humans to interpret it. No matter what the data is showing or why all that information is collected, the AI is likely to miss a few clues that are otherwise important.

Humans are very good at seeing patterns and connecting items, called Apophenia, and it is one of our biggest advantages. Being able to get human eyes on the data and having the patterns and cues seen and interpreted correctly can help out any business. AI just isn’t advanced enough to see all of those hidden meanings yet.

Humans Are Still Needed

Don’t be afraid of AI. While it might be worth keeping an eye on some of the changing technology, you shouldn’t worry about everything being replaced. There are jobs for humans in the coming AI world, and not just jobs coding and maintaining the machines. It might take some out-of-the-box thinking and the need to learn new skills, but at the end of the day, doesn’t everything?

Artificial intelligence is smart, but it isn’t smarter than humans yet, and we’ve still got a few advantages that keep our brains above those of machines.



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