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Is Salaar Movie is Family Friendly or Not? Check it now

In today’s post, we will see about Salaar Movie, and find out whether it is family friendly or not. We are sure that you’d like to ask some questions about the Salaar and Khansar, such as is Salaar movie is familt friendly, Is Salaar movie is good to watch with childrens, Age Rating of Salaar Movie, and many more others.

In our review of this movie, we will tell you about any potentially objectionable content, language and inappropriate scenes. Now we will analyze whether the Salaar Movie is family friendly or not.

Salaar movie was directed by Director Prashant Neel starring Prabhas, Prithviraj Sukumaran, and Shruti Haasan. The movie revolves around a fictional city of Khansar and follows the story of two friends, Deva and Vardha, whose character is played by Prabhas and Prithviraj.

The cast of Salaar movie is here,

  • Prabhas as a Devaratha
  • Prithviraj Sukumaran as a Vardharaja Mannaar
  • Meenakshi Chaudhary
  • Shruti Haasan
  • Saran Shakthi
  • Ramachandra Raju
  • Sriya Reddy
  • Jagapathhi Babu
  • Tinnu Anand

The CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) certified Salaar Movie A Certificate. A rating content is for 18+ people only.

Here are some points which may help you to know whether the Salaar Movie is family friendly or not.

  • Adult Rating: The film Salaar has an ‘A’ rating, which means that it is suitable for people who are 18+. 
  • Violence Scenes: The movie includes scenes showing violence, which might not be suitable for younger or more sensitive viewers.
  • Foul Language: The use of foul words and language is prevalent within the movie, contributing to its mature content.
  • Parental Discretion Advised: Due to the cumulative inclusion of violence, strong language, and abusive words, parental guidance and discretion are advised before considering it for family viewing.

Official Content Advisory – Violence, alcohol use, tobacco depictions.

As per our Family Friendly Rating, the Salaar Movie is rated 7 out of 10.



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