What is SERP in SEO?


SERP (Search Engine Result Page) are those pages which are displayed by various search engines in response to a query by a searcher. It is a page of results that shown when a searcher types a word, phrase, query, or string of characters. The main work of Search Engine Result Page is the listing of numerous results that are returned by the particular search engine in response to a query.
In Simple “A SERP includes various links to the websites and pages that have been match the query or identified as relevant by the various search engine’s crawler bots.”
Below is an example of a results page.
SERP Result Page

Results displayed on the Search Engine Result Page includes a title, a link that points to the actual or original page on the Web, and a description appearing where the keywords have matched query or content within the page for organic results.

SERP Search Result

Results shown in SERP are depending on the Web pages that contain a particular query, word or phrase, a Search Engine Result Page might show from zero (only when no matches are found) to thousands of results. For e.g., entering the phrase like “Cyberplanetnetworld” into the Google search engine yields few results or no results. In contrast, entering the single word “Cyber Planet” yields hundreds of results.
The results shown in SERP are of two general types:-

  • Organic search (i.e., retrieved by the various search engine’s algorithm)
  • Sponsored search (i.e., ads or advertisements).

Organic Search Result

Organic SERP results

Organic Search Results

The Search results produced by the search engine’s bots are known as organic results. Organic results are the main content of each Search Engine Result Page that appears for every search result. Since numerous webmasters want their websites to rank high on relevant Search Engine Result Pages, so SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques or tools may be used to improve the ranking of pages on various Search engine result pages.

Sponsored Search

Sponsored Search Result

Sponsored Search may also depend on the search phrase entered in search engine, the various search engines display advertisements or “paid listings”. These Paid Listings displayed above the initial search results as shown in photo and on the right side of the page. These ads are denoted as “Sponsored Results” or “Sponsored Links.” They are given by advertisers who make bid on keywords that are relevant to their website or content. Paid listings help companies to generate traffic to their new sites through search engines even if their organic search ranking is low.

Google and numbers of other search engines are consistently improving their search algorithms, and new various sites are constantly being indexed in Google, so to find where your pages are ranked for different keyword searches is difficult. For Rank higher in SERP webmasters can use SEO techniques and tools.

SEO is the Technique of increasing organic traffic by ranking pages higher in search engine results page. The higher you appear in SERP, the chance of getting traffic is higher.


Click Through Rate (CTR) of the pages that are on top is normally higher. The only reason behind this is that people click on links near the top of results pages. Advanced Web Ranking analyze the data and found that the top organic result in Google has a CTR of about 31%, and it gets lower as you go down in the page.

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Cyber Planet

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