Top Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing, Cons of Digital Marketing

At EcyberPlanet, we trust in digital marketing. But when clients ask about disadvantages of digital marketing, than we rapidly denied. But Digital Marketing is not infallible with any goods, product or services. So before you start working on the digital marketing, you must know about its disadvantages also. Here are some of the biggest disadvantages of digital marketing that you should be aware:-

Disadvantages of Online Marketing

Cons of Digital Marketing, Digital marketing cons

1. Time consumption: – According to the data and facts compiled by Social Media Today Digital Marketing is a time consuming activity. In the facts it is stated that more than 60% of digital marketing workers report spending at least Six hours per day on their digital marketing. The time may be consumed on task such as optimizing and creating fresh and unique content, proper setup of Social Media accounts in which the content is going to be published, adopting or creating new strategies and choosing best online advertising campaigns may consume your precious time. That’s why it is important to measure your outcomes to ensure a return on investment.
2. Promotional Strategies Can Be Copied:- One of the drawback of Digital Marketing is piracy. It hardly takes some minutes to copy your information from your Promotional Strategies campaigns. Even they can misuse your promotional strategies. There are many hackers who can track and copy your valuable Digital marketing strategies. So you must remain active and aware about your strategies when marketing online and to be sure that your valuable efforts should remain protective and not being used by your haters or competitors at the end of the day.
3. Facing High competition: – After Globalization worldwide competition have been occurred. If you think that you can reach global audience through Digital marketing, you have to also face global competition in digital marketing. (Just think that when someone searches for a specific product, then the companies have same marketing strategies rapidly appears on customer’s screen. Then it creates confusion on the mind of customer. This result in customer distrusts on many advertisement and take them as frauds.) It is a big challenge to grab attention among messages aimed at consumers online. As you know that there is a lot of competition in the market, so it is compulsory to be updated on the website.
4. Security Issue: – Digital Marketing mostly depends on Internet. There are many hackers and spammers present on internet who can breach your security and misuse your social media accounts. So in digital marketing it is necessary to be aware and alert.
Another Security issue on digital marketing is when a customer queries for any online service, there is a risk that the company doesn’t give complete information about the service. Later, any unidentified user may use it against the customer.
5. Complaints and feedback: – One of the advantage or Biggest disadvantage about digital marketing is real time customer complaints and feedback. As you know that customer complaint or feedback is visible in public in your social media accounts. In respect of Digital marketing, a single Negative comment, tweet, feedback or post about your services and products can weak or destroy your online reputation for a long time. So you should reply properly on the comments against you or your brand.
6. Connectivity or Interest on the Internet: – In this Technical World, there are some areas where the connectivity of internet is not available or the internet connection is very poor. So, in those remote areas, digital marketing has no use and Function. That’s why without internet, digital marketing is nothing.
Another problem is that there are some users who had less trust and are less interested in internet. They avoid Internet advertisement. Even they distrust on advertisement on internet.
7. Anti Brand Activities (Cybersquatting): – This is another disadvantage of digital marketing. In this case, a man or a group of men can affect the image of a reputed brand through cybersquatting or Doppelganger. These are very well known word in digital marketing. 
These are the basic disadvantages of digital marketing. I think, now one can very easily understand the weaknesses of Digital Marketing.

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