Egg Tree is Real or Fake | Video Check

Viral Egg Tree Video Review – Hello friends and welcome to Cyber Planet. In today’s post, we are going to check a viral video. Recently we got a message on whatsapp containing a video, which is claiming that IIT Delhi, has grown a vegan egg tree. It has same taste and texture as well as same protein level. So here, know the truth of the video that goes viral.

Egg Tree Real or Fake
Egg Tree Real or Fake

Please read this complete article in order to get answers of all your questions about the video which claims that a Egg tree is real. Please share your Experience and feedback to help others after finding your queries.

Egg tree is Real or Fake:

In video we can see a person taking yolk from the egg on plant. After 26 seconds, the videos shows the clip of kannada news which mentions that IIT Delhi has created a vegan egg from mong dal and lentils.

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Reality of Egg Tree Video:

So as per our review, the egg plant claim is misleading. As the egg created by IIT Delhi is a processed product and not grown on plant.

As per the reports published in 2019, Headed by Kavya Dashora, the research is focused on creating healthy and eco – friendly alternatives for the non vegetarian.

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