Know Assembled PC, Branded PC, or a Laptop, which would be best for you?

Almost everyone needs a computer these days. Whether it is a student, a doctor, a lawyer, or an architect, everyone needs it for some use.

Assembled PC vs Branded PC
Assembled PC vs Branded PC

Assembled PC vs Branded PC vs Laptop:

Today we will discuss which PC will be best according to your personal requirements.

People are confused because of a lack of knowledge about these things. So today I will tell you briefly about all three and also tell you their major pros and cons.

Assembled Desktop Computer

Unlike pre-built computers, every part of this computer is chosen by the customer. In this kind of computer, you get the full freedom to mix and match the parts you like to be in your PC.


  • Highly customizable.
  • Highly repairable.
  • Parts used are usually of very high quality because they are based on your personal choices.
  • You will find them cheaper when compared to Branded PCs.


  • You need to know how to build it or you will need someone to build it for you.
  • Wrong part selection may cause a bottleneck. (Bottleneck is the situation in which some parts can’t perform at their best due to some other parts )

Branded Desktop Computer

These PCs are completely made by brands such as HP, Lenovo, Dell e.t.c. They have their own pros and cons as other types of PCs have.


  • Hassle-free purchasing.
  • You don’t have to think about parts.
  • Brands provide service and support.


  • Higher pricing
  • Limited options at the time of purchase.
  • Slightly harder to upgrade as compared to assembled PCs.


We all know what laptops are. These are portable computers which sit on our laps and we can take them anywhere we need.


  • Highly portable, and best for students and people who frequently need their computers in different places.
  • It can run without power for some time with the help of a battery.
  • You will not need to purchase any other external computer device.


  • Almost no possibility for future upgrades.
  • Mobile processors and Mobile GPUs are used in laptops which are around 10 percent less powerful as compared to their desktop counterparts.

I hope this helps you to make the right decision about which Computer to buy.

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