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How does Google earn money?

Google has become synonymous with the internet. Whenever we want to search for anything on the internet, we google it. You see, the word search itself has been replaced by the word google. Whether it’s our phones or our computers, Google is dominant on every device. We use their Gmail service, we watch YouTube which is owned by Google, and we use their browser called chrome.

How Google Earn Money
How Google Earn Money

How does Google earn money

Most of us happily use Google without even thinking about why is google offering so many services to us, most of them are completely free. This is what will be revealed in this article.

How Google earn money?

Google basically earns through showing advertisements, selling their cloud services, and service fees charged against some particular Google services.

Today I will focus on advertisement as that’s how google earns from the general public. It is also the source of the highest revenue for google.

Have you ever wondered why suddenly things you searched for comes up as ads?

It has happened with every one of us that we have searched for something and sometimes later we start seeing ads for the and related products. Have you wondered why it happens?

It happens for the same reason by which google earns most of its money.

Google provides us with all of these services but it also does something else simultaneously, which we all ignore. It takes lots of our data. Its GPS understands our location, through YouTube it understands what kind of video we like to watch, through our searches it understands what we need and what we are looking for. In short, Google collects all kinds of personal data.

It can also be said that we sell our personal data to google to avail of all the services that Google provides us. This is the reason google earns so much money.

They don’t show us all same kinds of ads as television, instead, they show personalized ads which are much more profitable, direct, and efficient for the business because in this way businesses reach the exact audience they are looking for.

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