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12 Crazy facts about International Space Station

What is International Space Station?

For those of you who have no idea about ISS (International Space Station), ISS is a spacecraft. It is a very big spacecraft and it can also be called a laboratory. It was sent to space by NASA and the space agencies of many other countries. It is so big that they took it up in parts. It took years to build this space station.

Facts about ISS
Facts about ISS

It is a space station, it is flying around the earth 256 miles above the surface when you are reading this article. It is crazy that humans have been able to do this and still it is true.

12 Crazy facts about International Space Station

There are more crazy facts about ISS, so I have come up with the top 12 crazy facts.

Here they are:

  • More than 250 individuals from 20 countries have visited ISS. They go there with the help of a spaceship which docks into ISS and then they live there for a couple of months and then they come back.
  • It was launched back in 1998, so it has been in space for 24 years now. It is a crazy amount of time for something to be revolving around the globe which is sent by humans.
  • ISS makes a revolution around the earth every 90 minutes. This means every day it revolves around the globe 16 times.
  • ISS is 357ft long from top to bottom. It is equivalent to a size of a football field.
  • ISS is the second brightest object in our night sky after the Moon. That means if you knew where it was, you would be able to see it even without a telescope.
  • There are two bathrooms, one gym, and six sleeping quarters in ISS. It is necessary as we know, astronauts live on ISS so they need these things to live.
  • There are more than 50 computers that help in keeping ISS operational.
  • The weight of ISS is about 420,000 kg- to put that in perspective, it is about the weight of 320 cars.
  • All astronauts have to work out at least two hours a day on ISS. The reason is that the human body behaves very differently in space and they tend to get very weak if they don’t exercise regularly.
  • Cables for the electronics on ISS are about 8 miles in length.
  • Six spaceships can dock at the ISS at one time simultaneously. Docks are necessary to transport resources and humans from earth to ISS and to come back.
  • ISS is the single most expensive object ever built. It is estimated to cost over 120$ billion.

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