Neuralink : A direct connection between Humans and Machines

Neuralink is a technology that will enable humans to interact with machines just by using their brains.


Sounds cool right?

It may seem the tech of the future, but it is happening right now. It’s going to be used commercially very soon. But before talking about the future of Neuralink, let’s understand how it works?

How does Neuralink work?

Neuralink is a device that will be installed in the human skull. Neura link works on the Body-Machine interface. With the device installed in your brain, you will be able to operate smartphones and machines just with the power of your brain. Our brains have a neural network that is made up of millions of neurons that are connected to each other. The Neuralink device will have a very small chip and electrodes that are as thin as the neurons themselves. These electrodes will be connected to neurons and this will be the point of connection between the Neuralink device and the human brain. The signals of the neurons will be transmitted to the chip and from that will be transferred to the concerned device/machine through Bluetooth.

Neuralink devices tested on pigs

In August 2020, Neura link conducted a live test on pigs. In that particular test, they demonstrated the neurons of the pigs firing inside their brain.

How will Neuralink be installed in the brain?

That is the scariest part about it. For Neuralink to work, it is to be installed inside the human skull. The device is so small and the process is so complex that no human can do it according to the company. That’s why the Neuralink company has designed a special robot to do this process. The operation will involve drilling a very small hole in the brain and the insertion of the Neuralink device.

Future of Neura link

Neuralink is started by Elon Musk and Max Hodak. Elon Musk is already super popular for his other companies like Tesla and SpaceX. In the hands of these people, the future of Neuralink seems bright. Elon Musk is very ambitious about this project. He believes that this technology will help people to directly connect with AI. It will help heal various complex diseases and he also thinks that we will be able to communicate with each other just by thinking.

But there are some concerns which need to be thought about.

Problems with Neuralink.

It is still to be tested on human beings. Also in this age of tech, where cyber-attack and hacking are a potential threat to technology, how will the company prevent the Neuralink from being hacked and controlled.

It still feels unbelievable that we are so close to such kind of technology that can give us powers like telepathy. Let’s see what happens in the future.

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