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Specifications to see in a smartphone before buying it

We all change our smartphones every couple of years. Smartphones have become a very competitive market for electronics manufacturers. This competition has directly provided benefits to the customer. But now the companies are pouring in so many smartphones, that it is becoming harder to understand which one would be suitable for a particular use case.


So today we will see how to pick a smartphone according to your particular use case. Too many people create content endorsing various smartphones. Watching them, every smartphone looks fantastic. These reviews sometimes instead of making things clear for you, leave you more confused than ever before. This article will be a solution to all those confusions. After reading this till the end, you will be able to pick a phone just by looking at the spec sheet.

Various specifications differentiate one phone from others. Today you will get to know which specifications to focus on before buying a phone.

Specifications to see in a smartphone before buying it:

Key specifications of a smartphone:


The processor in your phone is a component that is directly linked to the performance of your smartphone. Better the Processor, the better smartphone will be in performance. If you don’t know how to compare different processors, just search in Google ” processor A Vs that processor B” and Google will do the work for you and you will understand which one is more powerful between A and B.


It’s very easy to understand this, Ram comes in Gigabytes (Gbs), more Gbs is always equal to more performance.

Network connectivity

We have 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G network connectivity available for our phones. 5G is the fastest and 2G is the slowest.


Don’t go for numbers of megapixels while buying a camera, in most cases, more megapixels means better quality, but nowadays companies are using these numbers as marketing tactics. Instead, you can look up the particular camera sensors that the mobile phone manufacturer is providing in a phone and do thorough research on that.


The quality of display mainly depends upon the resolution of the display. Higher-resolution always translates to better quality. Other than that quality also depends on the technology on which the display runs. Right now OLEDs are the best display technology in the market.

The ones discussed above are the most important. Other than this there are other little features that different smartphones provide, you can also do research on them separately.

Don’t believe phone reviews and first looks, do your research, it will hardly take 15-20 minutes to understand what the phone is actually providing.

We all have different use cases for our smartphones. A gamer doesn’t need a very good camera and one who just wants to click good photos doesn’t necessarily need a phone which has the most powerful processor available on the market. So before buying smartphones first do your own research then pick the suitable smartphone according to your personal use case.

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