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    Everything you need to know about QR Codes

    Everything you need to know about QR Codes

    QR codes are everywhere nowadays. Payments are done using that. WiFi access is provided with QR codes. There are so many things that now rely on QR Codes. But why is it so? Why have QR codes become so popular and why are they spreading everywhere.

    QR Code
    QR Code

    What is a QR Code?

    QR Code stands for Quick Response Code. These have the same functions as barcodes. As barcodes have pieces of information, QR Codes also contain information that can be accessed by scanning them.

    Types of QR Code

    There are two types of QR codes.

    Static QR Code

    Information present on these QR Codes can not be changed. It is always the same.

    Dynamic QR Code

    These QR Codes are a bit more advanced that Static QR Codes. Information that they contain can be changed afterward. These QR Codes have a short link that remains as it is and this short link is connected to a bigger link that contains the main information. This short link works as an intermediary and the bigger link can always be changed.

    Uses of QR Codes

    There are plenty of ways QR Codes are used however there are some which are super popular among them.

    Making payments – There are QR Codes that are super helpful for making payments. Just scan the QR Code, enter the amount, and enter your PIN and you will be able to transfer money to the other person very easily. No need for bank details or anything like that.

    Login Web apps – Web apps of big social media companies like Whatsapp and Telegram provide you with the feature of logging in through a QR Code, in this way you will not need any ID or any password to log in, just scan the QR and you will directly enter into the Web apps.

    Rental Bicycles – There are various rental companies that have launched their apps and their bicycles have QR Codes on them. As soon as you scan a bicycle with the QR code the company’s app will identify it and the bicycle will unlock.


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