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Top 7 services of Google that you must use

Google is a tech giant that everyone knows about. There are so many services of Google that are available that you cannot even count them on your fingers. Google has quite literally taken over the internet.

Top Google Services
Top Google Services

But some people don’t understand the usefulness of some of Google’s services. Even though these services are free people don’t use them.

Today you will get to know about the top 5 Google services that you must use.

Top Google services:

The best part about Google’s services is that you only need one account to access all of them.


One of the most powerful emails that you can get on the market. It has a ton of great features. Available on Web, Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, etc. It automatically blocks spam mails and all the phishing attacks that can happen. You can also chat with other people on Gmail itself.


YouTube is the most powerful video platform in today’s world. There is every kind of content available on Youtube. You can watch entertainment videos, educational videos, infotainment videos, etc. You can learn about almost anything on YouTube.


If you need directions to follow while on road, Google Maps can help you with that. It is not only a navigation app, but it can tell you a lot of stuff about a locality. You can know places to stay, places to visit, ATMs nearby, hospitals nearby, and much more.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant can do a lot more than a simple search. Previously it was just an AI that could give your results from Google. But now you can call someone, set an alarm, play games, and listen to stories through it. It has become more fun and interesting.

Google Drive

It is an online storage option by Google. But it is not limited to storage only. You can access the files stored on Google Drive from any device. You can also set permission for others to see and edit your files. You can share your files with others. You can also make some of your files offline if you need them. You get a free 15GB shared space to store anything across Google services such as Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs, etc.

Google Photos

It is the best photo manager. It saves your photos on Google drive so you don’t need to worry about them getting lost. The powerful AI can also scan the faces of people and arrange the photos properly with help of that. It saves your photo with dates so it becomes very easy to access old photos.

Google Docs

Google helps you keep your document organized and safe with Google Docs. You can also create documents using Google Docs. Documents can also be shared with other people through this.

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