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Basic Internet terminologies explained

Internet is used by everyone around the world. We use it to gather information, study, for entertaining ourselves, for our daily work, and whatnot.

Basic Internet terminologies
Basic Internet terminologies

There are various internet terminologies that you should know. These terminologies will help you better understand the internet.

Internet terminologies explained


Bandwidth refers to the size of data that can be transferred through the connection that you have. More Bandwidth means more data can be transferred to you with the help of that connection.


ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. ISPs are the link between you and the internet. In other words, they provide you access to the internet.

IP address

It is a unique address on the internet. Every device which uses the internet, including yours, has an IP address that is used to send data. This works as an address to which the data requested is sent.


It is a program that helps people test how fast their internet connection is. Lower ping refers to a faster connection.


Latency is the time it takes for data to pass from one point on a network to another. Lower latency means that time taken to pass data is less which means that the internet is fast.


Browser is a very common thing, if you are reading this article, you are using some kind of Browser. The browser helps you access information on the Internet.

Internet Spectrum

Spectrum is a range of electro magnetic radio frequencies used for transmission of data, voice and images. However, the worst part comes when someone has to face a slow internet connection while doing these activities. For example, if you are watching a new video released on Netflix and suddenly the buffering icon appears on the screen, you will probably bang your screen against the wall, especially if it happens frequently. The solution to resolve it is by having a reliable internet connection, check Spectrum internet plans and get blazing fast internet in your area.

Search engine

Google is a very famous search engine. Search engines help you find data on the World Wide Web. The Internet is very big and this is the tool that helps us with what we need from the internet.


It is a business model in which customers and businesses buy and sell products over the internet. It is a very big industry and all online shopping comes under e-commerce.

Web Page

Pages on the internet like this one, which you are reading right now are web pages.


A blog is a kind of website where a person or a group of people regularly update others about some particular topic or interest.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage is virtual storage. You do not physically have that storage but you can store your data in the cloud which is stored in big data centers and you can access that data anytime you want.

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