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Make your old computer run smooth with help of Linux

Most of us have those very old computers or laptops in our homes that work but are too slow to be usable. They do nothing but cover up space in your room for no good reason.


Today you will learn something interesting that can potentially bring your decade-old laptop or pc to life. And they will become perfect machines for internet browsing.

How to make an old computer run smooth with Linux

The reason these machines hangs is that we keep on updating them but the hardware still remains the same. A time comes when the hardware cannot run the newer software and it starts getting awfully slow.

This issue can be resolved by using Linux. Linux is an operating system like Windows or Mac os. The difference is that Linux has all kinds of variants of the operating system. And some of these operating systems work very smoothly even on lightweight computers.

Now you know how Linux will get your old computer to run smoother and faster. You can easily look up the internet for the installation procedure of Linux. It is as easy as the installation of windows in most cases.

But before installation, you will have to choose a Linux distribution you want to install. As I have already told you there are various different distributions of Linux available so I will tell you some most lightweight Linux OS you can try.

Here are some lightweight Linux Distros you should try:


As the name suggests they have tried to build a lighter version of Ubuntu (a famous Linus distro). Previously it was lighter but now they have shifted focus to providing a more stable experience to the user. But still, you can give it a try if you want.

Linux Lite

It’s not only light but is designed keeping newbies in mind. It has a start menu as all windows operating systems have. You will need 1 GB of ram and a 20 GB hard drive space to run this OS.

Puppy Linux

It’s one of the smallest Linux. Recommended system requirement for this os is a core 2 duo CPU with 2 GB of ram.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint is an operating system for desktop and laptop computers. It is designed to work ‘out of the box and comes fully equipped with the apps most people need.

Before installing any one of them, please backup your data so that you don’t lose anything important if any error occurs while installation.

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