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Surface Web, Dark Web, Deep Web, and Darknet explained

Most of us use Google to search the internet. Some rare people also use search engines like Bing, Yahoo, etc. However very very few know that the results these search engines provide us are just about 4% of the internet. These search engines completely do away with 96% of the internet. What it means is that you will never be able to find 96% of the internet through these search engines.

Dark Web vs Darknet
Dark Web vs Darknet

Today in this article we will discuss what this 96% percent of the internet contains and how people reach it.

Surface Web

It is pretty easy to understand Surface Web. The content on the internet that is just on the surface of the web or in other words searchable by Google or any other common search engine is Surface Web. Any person that searches anything on these search engines gets the result from Surface Web. As already told, Surface Web constitutes only 4% of the internet.

Deep Web

Deep Web is something that is beyond searchable by your common search engines. However, it does not mean that the general public can not access Deep Web. It is accessible however, you will have to dig deep inside the websites you are searching for and the content you find after clicking two or three links can be called Deep Web. It is so Deep inside the websites that only the website’s search system can find it, Google or other search engines don’t have the capability to find this content/data.

Dark Web

The part of the internet which is intentionally hidden from the eyes of the general public is called Dark Web. Dark Web is usually used for illegal activities. There are special apps and software that people use to access the Dark Web. One such famous browser is called Tor, Tor is famous for its ability to access the Dark Web.


Darknet is a completely different type of network on the internet. It exists on the internet but it is encrypted. It can only be accessed by certain people who have certain software to connect with each other. Darknet is also used for criminal and illegal activities on the internet.


This article shows that there is a lot more to the web than we see. What we see on the internet is just the tip of the iceberg and we don’t get to see most of the things that are present on the internet. It is advised that you should not try to get into Deep Web or any other Web which has a connection with illegal activities because it has the potential to get into trouble. You should stay away from these things if you have no knowledge about them.


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