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6 Reasons why people love their Android devices

Android has been around for more than a decade now. Also, it is going pretty strong. Everyone loves it, it’s successful. You may not know this fact but Android devices constitute more than 80 percent of the smartphones around the world.

Android devices
Android devices

It means that Android sales surpass every other smartphone in terms of sales. There are some strong reasons behind it.

In this article, you will find 6 strong reasons which have made Android this successful.

6 reasons why people love their Android devices

Android comes in various different flavors – Unlike other operating systems which look identical, Androids look completely different. All the manufacturers have their own version that they install on their devices. This makes Android unique and also these devices have different features. So with Androids, you get a ton of great choices.

Android is for all – Devices that carry Android come with very different price tags. Android devices are made for very rich people and also made for not-so-rich people. So all kinds of people with different financial backgrounds can afford an Android device.

Android is open source – Open-Source means that the software code can be looked up by anyone. People can modify it for themselves and create their own versions. So Android is open source and everyone can have a look inside its code if he/she has the knowledge of coding.

Variety of choice – There are different brands to choose from. There are different price ranges to choose from. If you want a performance-centric phone, it is available. If you want a camera-centric phone, it is available. So it is up to you what you want, Android gives you a wide variety of choices in every aspect.

Wide variety of apps – You name the thing and there will be an app for it on Android. Android supports a wide variety of apps for all of us. There are apps for education, apps for entertainment, apps for internet browsing, apps for productivity, and various kinds of tools, the list is endless.

More control over hardware choice – Android provides you with a wide variety to choose from. There are multiple options on processors, RAM, display, and for almost every part that is related to performance. You can choose what you like.

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